Scottish Highlands

July 25th – August 3rd three colleagues and I engaged in two-wheeled shenanigans in a semi-leisurely, mostly-clockwise manner from Newcastle, England to Aberdeen, Scotland. Beers (and whiskey, and boat-loads of cereal bars) were consumed. Gravel was crushed. At least one nickname was forged. Minor mechanicals were solved with Yankee ingenuity. There were some hills, some head-winds, and some belly-aching. New brake-pads were purchased, and some even installed. ‘Nuf words; the scenic vistas were the highlight of this trip. Oh, yeah, and some friendships. But first, the pics to prove it happened.

I DO believe! Isn't it a pretty blue, too?

Isn’t it a pretty blue, too?

Pretty, clean, skinny-tire'd carbon-fiber road bikes. For now.

J & M with their pretty, clean, skinny-tire’d carbon-fiber road bikes. For now.

North Sea Cycle Route

North Sea Cycle Route

We savored the English sunburn the first two days.

Coast and Castles

Coast and Castles


Caution: Do not stray from path. Field may contain un-exploded ordinance.

IMG_20140726_145144771_HDRIMG_20140726_171204617_HDR  IMG_20140726_181024771_HDR


Fickle. Definition: weather in Scotland.



Rack-less in Scotland.

My 2010 Surly LHT, packed light. Rack-less in Scotland.

IMG_20140727_122839142 IMG_20140727_122857008_HDR IMG_20140727_122909165_HDRIMG_20140727_141039811IMG_20140727_154742396IMG_20140727_154748442IMG_20140727_160137999IMG_20140727_160146713_HDRIMG_20140727_160213867IMG_20140727_164853630IMG_20140727_165217974


I wonder if we could get a sponsorship?

I wonder if we could get a sponsorship?


Trying to be artsy.

Trying to be artsy.

IMG_20140728_130434888 IMG_20140728_131241279 IMG_20140728_131215739 IMG_20140728_130943011_HDR IMG_20140728_130549111

What a pass. We got buzzed by two F-15's, a Tornado, and then another Tornado even lower. Scary LOUD.

What a pass. We got buzzed by two F-15’s, a Tornado, and then another Tornado even lower. Scary LOUD.

IMG_20140729_141822251_HDR IMG_20140729_141834336_HDR IMG_20140729_143518318_HDR IMG_20140729_144306257_HDR IMG_20140729_144810736_HDR IMG_20140729_145722003_HDRIMG_20140729_145908295_HDRIMG_20140729_171915183_HDRIMG_20140730_110448458IMG_20140730_133321136_HDRIMG_20140730_134922905IMG_20140730_134948922IMG_20140730_144101190_HDRIMG_20140730_144528008_HDRIMG_20140730_154522397_HDRIMG_20140730_171400623IMG_20140730_171420730IMG_20140730_171430498IMG_20140730_171541315_HDRIMG_20140731_103238043IMG_20140731_103524284IMG_20140731_131844049_HDRIMG_20140731_134141662_HDRIMG_20140731_134205146_HDRIMG_20140731_163338595_HDRIMG_20140731_163343733_HDRIMG_20140731_163355745_HDRIMG_20140731_164948227IMG_20140731_171008252_HDRIMG_20140801_103152529_HDRIMG_20140801_105622383_HDRIMG_20140801_105626599_HDRIMG_20140801_111259248IMG_20140801_115854320IMG_20140801_120759160_HDRIMG_20140801_120813021_HDRIMG_20140801_120820471_HDRIMG_20140801_120827831IMG_20140801_121707367IMG_20140801_121734730IMG_20140801_121829687IMG_20140801_121847929_HDRIMG_20140801_121857539_HDRIMG_20140801_122524336IMG_20140801_122930808IMG_20140801_123009648_HDR

Over the edge.


Un-paved cycle tracks in Scotland were often large gravel.

Un-paved cycle tracks in Scotland were often large gravel.



From Aberdeen we caught the train back to Newcastle. A few monster burritos later and we were back at the ferry.


At the end of a long line of cyclists waiting to board the ferry.

I’ll try to go back and add some more narration as time permits.

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