Day 7: Wyalusing State Park to Nelson Dewey State Park, Cassville WI, 35 miles

After a noisy evening (Wyalusing State Park was quite full, and I think I overheard there was also a Scout Jamboree going on), I was treated to a quiet morning. The new windscreen made a big difference in using the Trangia; I think I may be able to make due with it now.

Leaving Wyalusing behind meant I was now striking out on my own into new territory. The first thing I did was notice the almost complete lack of traffic on the shoulder-less county roads. And the hills were back. Given my left Achilles tendon was sore I dwadled along, in no hurry and trying to soak in everything. At one point I rounded a curve, passing a gravel  road, and began climbing an endless hill on County Road A. Two miles in and still only half-way up, I turned on the GPS out of boredom and discovered I’d already climbed 200 feet. And discovered the GPS recommended the gravel road at the bottom of the hill, Dugway Road. With reckless abandon (not even consulting the guide book), I pulled a U-turn and sped back down in a fraction of the time I’d been climbing. It seems the GPS didn’t consider how Dugway Road was one-lane, frequently steeper than Cty Rd A, and often loose.

Squirrel Hollow Road Campground

On the up-side, it was incredibly scenic, and I discovered a hidden campground off Squirrel Hollow Road between County Roads V and Vv. For the bargin price of $5/night, it offered a pavillion with two picnic tables, three fire pits, electricity AND a one-hole outhouse.

Nelson Dewey State Park

Returning to the Great River Road with County Road Vv, I eventually came to Nelson Dewey State Park in Cassville, WI. Consulting the guide book, it seemed like this was probably the best camping around. I’ve learned to love Wisconsin’s State Parks, as they tend to be clean, quiet and quite scenic. The price one pays for that is more than the nominal $14 for a non-electric site, it’s the near-universal (so-far) tendency to put the campsites at 400 feet elevation above the park entrance. Nelson Dewey was no exception. But the views from the walk-in site on the side of the bluff were well worth the climb.

Mountain; Bike.


The sunset was equally beautiful. And the skies were the darkest I’ve seen in a very long time; the Milky Way was clearly visible. I saw at least a half-dozen satellites, and one shooting star.

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10 Responses to Day 7: Wyalusing State Park to Nelson Dewey State Park, Cassville WI, 35 miles

  1. Kevin says:

    what a great journey. ride safe

  2. Eric says:

    Sounds like quite a trip! I found your blog through Big Dummy blog, written by a friend, Andy Duvall.

    Where are you headed? I grew up in Madison, now in Denver, and enjoy hearing and seeing the WI state park system and countryside.

    • Sean says:

      Thanks Eric.
      I’m initially headed to New Orleans. As a UW-Madison alumni, I considered detouring through Madison, but decided against it.

  3. Chad says:

    Nice theft deterrent system! Or is it just a parking brake? Either way, I like it.

    • Sean says:

      Thanks Chad,
      It’s mostly a parking brake.

      • Chad says:

        If you need a break from the road, you’re welcome to come stay at my house for a day or more. I’m in Urbana, IL, so you would be getting away from the Miss. River. And I have 2 very young kids, so it wouldn’t be quiet and peaceful. Happy trails!
        Chad recently posted..fall family visitMy Profile

        • Sean says:

          Thanks Chad, I appreciate your offer of hospitality, even though I probably won’t take you up on it because of distance from the river.

  4. Bob says:

    Wow — the cold mornings were my biggest worry for you starting this trip so late in the season. I’m glad you found that hat again! I’m extra glad the snow has held off. Looks like you’re going to beat it. The wind has just been amazing and every time I step out into it I wonder how you’re doing. I hesitate to wish for a tailwind because that would have to be a pretty cold one. Keep riding!

    • Sean says:

      The wind has been amazing, Bob. I’ve just learned to accept it and gear down for the most part. Every now and then the road turns such that the wind helps, which is nice. I’m hopeful the worst if the cold is behind me now.

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