Day 5: Perrot State Park, Trempealeau WI to Black Hawk Rec Area, De Soto WI, 55 miles

A Day of Suffering

The day got off to an inauspicious start when Shaun & Julie’s dog “Maya” died overnight, and they went to a vet in the morning. Having just lost one of my dogs that way back in April, my heart goes out to them.

It was Cold this morning: 48F. Naturally the campfire wouldn’t light.

I misplaced my green wool cold-weather (has ear flaps) cycling cap,
the three of us looked all over for it, finally found it this evening in tent.

Without the green cap riding was unpleasant because my ears hurt from the cold.

I took the Great River Trail from Perrot State Park all the way in to La Crosse, where I ventured into town for lunch, and got lost. Finally finding my way to People’s Food Coop, where they not only have an excellent selection of groceries, they also have an awesome deli counter. And WIFI.  I stocked up on groceries and hit the deli counter for lunch: a bbq chicken cordon bleu pannini with potato salad.

Feeling pressed for time before sunset because of getting lost in La Crosse, I didn’t stop at much of anything. (Having painfully cold ears didn’t help.) I got to Black Hawk ACE park about 5 (an hour before sunset); but found the registration shack closed for the season, so I had to go back to general store for change and forgot to get quarters for shower.

Very windy, had a lot of trouble with stove. Had a hard time learning how to use a (butane?) cigarette lighter, but finally got it to light. Seems to work best about 2/3 full of fuel (using rubbing alcohol, isopropl, 70%) without riser. I’m thinking an additional wind screen would help.

I also learned to love baby wipes: they’ll clean anything, not just dirty bottoms, without soap & water! This really helps with cleaning up sooty & greasy pots.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Sorry we weren’t the most cheerful company. It was all just too weird. I’m glad you found your hat!

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