Tour Day 2: Cottage Grove – Frontenac State Park, 55 miles

I rolled out at the crack of 10, give or take 35 minutes. I strongly suspected I’d forgotten something important, but was too choked up after photos with my folks to think about going back. It was quickly forgotten as I got out of the residential neighborhoods and into the cornfields that still (barely) surrounded the suburb.

Prescott, WI

Not long after that I reached Prescott, scoped out its downtown and grudgingly settled on Subway for lunch, even though I wasn’t hungry. Suitably fortified, I rolled south on Wisconsin state highway 35, recalling how I was retracing the route of my first century ride, just two years ago. I almost passed the Great River Road visitor center, without stopping, but I’m glad I did because I met my first fellow touring cyclists on this tour.

Steve and Penny were riding a coupled Rodriguez tandem, pulling Bob trailer and on the final day of their 36 day long Great Lakes Gambol.

Steve and Penny

I didn’t longer at the visitor center like I wanted to because two of my best friends, Jim & Lanny, had “coincidentally” chosen to take their Brompton folding bicycles to Red Wing via Amtrak, and there was a chance I could meet up with them if I showed up early enough.

The day was unseasonably warm, borne by the strong South winds, and the route quite hilly. “Sunburns and headwinds and hills, oh my” kept going through my head, incessantly. I made Red Wing about 3pm, and found a text indicating they were at a park less than a mile away. While I was puzzling how to get there, they showed up at the coffee shop I had stopped in front of. After hauling my heavily laden touring bike up countless hills into the unceasing headwinds I was exhausted; I can’t think of a better ending than enjoying a cup of coffee with these two friends, brothers I never had.

Lanny & Jimat Frontenac State Park

Having time to spare, they went one better, and rode all the way to Frontenac State Park with me.

Frontenac State Park featured 6 cart-in campsites for $12 a night, a welcome reprieve from the $20/night space in the RV park like main campground.

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9 Responses to Tour Day 2: Cottage Grove – Frontenac State Park, 55 miles

  1. Shaun says:

    Very cool that you were able to meet up with Jim and Lanny. Good to hear that your tour is going well so far. Thanks for the update!

  2. Lanny Hoff says:

    It was very cool to screw around on bikes with you one more time before the high road and low women have their way with you. Good luck with both!

  3. Alexl says:

    Managed to stumble into your blog by way of jim’s blog. hah.

    An open ended tour seems to be what I want to escape to once I finally clear up my debt. Maybe we’ll cross paths in two or three years.

    UNTIL then – A friend and I are doing a two day bike ride from minneapolis to devil’s lake starting tomorrow. If we can swing it, we’ll be in Pepin, Wi tomorrow night (who knows when). I’ll keep an eye out for the red panniers. Maybe we’ll intersect. Maybe we won’t. Either way – enjoy the mississippi and the people you meet along the way :) Looking forward to seeing where your bike ride takes you.

    • Sean says:

      Thanks Alex.
      Getting out of debt is one of the best things you can do for yourself, regardless of what you want to do. Devils Lake was beautiful the last time I was there many years ago, it sounds like you’ve got a fun trip ahead. I’m already 30 miles south of Pepin, so probably not going to cross paths with you this time; maybe in the future.

  4. Abby says:

    Riding. Writing. Riding. Writing. Fabulous cycle :)

  5. Tamara Baker says:

    Looks like you’re having a great time! Keep it up.

    So did you remember what it was that you’d forgotten? ;-)

    • Sean says:

      I’ve already replaced the washcloth (thanks Shaun & Julie!), thread and matches. I don’t know of anything else too critical yet.

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