Quick News Summary

I can’t believe it’s (only?) been two weeks since getting back from Oregon. So much has happened… Since I last wrote, I’ve successfully quit my job, gone out to dinner with friends as much as possible, whittled my possessions down to the point where the only furniture I own consists of a workbench I built and a Park Tool bicycle repair stand, and, most importantly, my parents decided to take my dog. I move out of the little house I’ve rented for the past two years in South Minneapolis tomorrow (one day earlier than desired because of my landlord’s schedule), I’ll be couchsurfing with friends tomorrow night, attending a going away bash with friends and family Saturday night, and rolling out Sunday morning.  (Rumor has it I’m scheduled to make a stop at Aster Cafe about 10 am for a group ride as far as anyone cares to accompany me.)

It all sounds so neat & tidy. Of course that description doesn’t include the little matter of getting every last thing out of the house, cleaning it enough to  (hopefully) recover my security deposit or trying to squeeze out enough time for one last lunch with a good friend. Or finding a ground-cloth (AKA footprint) for my tent. Or a linux netbook to replace my ancient Pentium 4 space-heater ^w^w^w laptop. Or cancel  that extraneous credit union account I’ve been procrastinating about. Et cetera.

With so much to do, what am I doing posting now? Insomnia. Coffee after dinner seemed like a GREAT idea four hours ago. Now I just feel like a zombie, brainless yet unable to sleep.

Somehow it’s all coming together. While I’m admittedly intimidated by the thought of 4,000 miles ahead of me, the first half likely solo, I have to remind myself it’s less than ten reps of my previous solo tour, and that would be only 50 riding days, whereas I’m allocating 120 riding days over six months. That works out to just 50 miles a day, five days a week. Easy as pie. Now if only getting to sleep were so easy. Brains!

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2 Responses to Quick News Summary

  1. BobW says:

    I can not wait to read your posts from the road!

  2. Shaun says:

    Ditto what Bob said!

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